To be an accountant, one of the many things they teach and expect you to dominate is in articles. There have been recent changes in the firm industry and thus there has been new regulations and firms have been searching for students and contenders that can easily go along with these changes and prove their position in their firms. As the students and lawyers need to be kept up to date, the firm as well needs to compete with these changes as it is always happening.

Your studies

Time must be given to it in your studies, for it is when many firms and other accountants find their apprentices to be able to mentor and give them better access to proper jobs after graduation. They look for excellent grades and leadership qualities that are seen strongly on those they find to have potential. Many of these very firms offer students bursaries. In exchange the students must work at this firm surely after graduating, being sure of where they’re heading and a better step to the beginning of their careers.

The action begins

Both worlds are an adventure. From all-nighters, sweatshirts, messy hair, sleepless nights and doses of coffee, it all transitions to a business world where what you studied comes to action, affecting the lives of those you are working for and perhaps most of the time you’ll be wearing a suit. Once you’re at the company as an intern your networking begins. As you get to know those around you with higher experiences, they can advise and perhaps even lead you to better opportunities even outside of the very firm. Unlike in other fields, as an intern you will be paired with another more experienced member and participate on cases actively as if you were a full member of the team. You will be analyzed, watched, monitored intensely, so you must be constantly proving yourself what they wanted and hired you for.


To secure these articles at the firm, here is the general advice given for the success. For that first part of applying, most firms have an online form that you can fill out. What you fill in will be crucial in the screening process. An interview is the next procedure, as well as a psychometric assessment if you want to have bursary as well. You will need to enroll in your country’s accountant institute, accreditation from a university that offered good credit in their accounting courses, your accounting bachelors or any other degree of importance to that field. The minimum requirement for your grades must be C, especially in both Math and English. One of the important and needed degrees is the Honors degree. You can start applying senior year in high school with a bursary or a training contract.


No matter how difficult things get, be sure to hang and keep on believing, for the rewards are always more than just and fair. Accounting is one of the highest paying jobs and many firms offer benefits to complete and maintain you more than sustainable.

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