Keeping your day-to-day business accounting goes way beyond paying your taxes monthly. Well-designed accounting planning helps you make decisions and avoids unnecessary risks. That is exactly why you need accountants Melbourne.

If someone does a survey today, asking the owners of micro and small businesses, if it were not a mandatory item to have an accountant, if they would hire this service, no doubt the answer would be a resounding “no”. Entrepreneurs were not trained in the teaching base, to know how to analyze a balance sheet, balance sheet, income statement and management reports.

The consequence of this is the default of taxes and suppliers, protested bonds, discount checks and bank vouchers at banks to anticipate receipts. All these attitudes demonstrated by the entrepreneur’s unpreparedness lead the business to close the doors. Having a good accountant is just essential.

Let save your business

Accounting and financial education should be school or at least academic subjects. The country that wants to pretend to be big, has to train its citizens to learn how to manage their financial lives and have the capacity to make decisions through analysis of managerial reports. When buying products to resell, you do not have the knowledge of how to allocate the acquisition costs, fixed costs and variable costs to the product, and then apply the percentage of the desired profit. That is why you need

In addition, you have no idea what “cash flow” is. So the supplier offers this entrepreneur a discount for cash purchase and this businessman believes to be an advantage, but it happens that the end consumer wants to buy installment on the credit card. What happens? The accountant is needed at the end of the month do not close and we have a demonstrated loss in the balance sheet.

Beware of hiring an accountant

Take care when hiring an accounting service provider. Here in our office we have already taken some cases of companies with problems with the tax, for the simple reason of the client having contracted a dispatcher to do the accounting instead of an accountant.

Some business owners hire services according to price and this can be a great trap. Always request a work contract, with the complete information of the services to be executed and where the professional registration (CRC) of who will be the technical responsible.If you need help, contact

Do not just worry about tax generation and the company’s income tax return, as there are numerous ancillary obligations to be met monthly and in the absence of those, the fine is very high. Usually the tax authorities have a term of up to 5 years to collect them and can cumulatively lead a company to an unprecedented financial rhythm.

The bottom line

Accounting science provides all the tools you need to plan a business before anything else (Who my target audience is, what they want to consume, where they are, how much they want to pay, how much to buy, how much to earn, How I deliver the product, what relationship channels I have, who my suppliers are, etc.), manage your business efficiently, program your cash flow well, calculate the rate of return on your initial investment, schedule growth strategies Based on management reports.

Know how to choose your accounting professional, internal or outsourced, trace the entire business plan and other strategies with it and so all risks will be minimized and probably your business will thrive as scheduled and financially healthy. For help have help you.