If you think only the big companies need an accountant, then you may need to do some more thinking. An accountant is a basic part of both new and established companies. This is an individual that will keep an eye on all the company expenditures andhelp you chart a good course for the business.

Accountants that start off with asmall business can turn into reliable financial advisors along the way. For instance, having been around for long, such an individual will know where you are going to find money for the next project to things like helping the company get through the auditing phase by government authorities.

In general, an accountant Melbourne handles the following:

  1. Providing tax advice
  2. Auditing
  3. Accounting & record keeping
  4. Providing financial advice

How to find the best accountants

  • Use referrals

A friend, relative, family member, an attorney, banker or fellow business individual can help you get an affordable, certified accountant. Never underestimate the ability of a certified public accountant. These guys go through a rigorous test before they are released into the field.

One advantage of using referrals is that you never have to worry about prices as they are likely to quote the same figure your referee stated. However, you need to know that the accountant you need may be different from whoever has been referred to you. A thorough interview should help you discern if you have the right person.

  • Tap into some of the common social networks

Sometimes what you need may be just under your nose the whole time. Check your social media friends or just ask if anyone is or knows the best accountant. You can use the same media to look for groups with these experts.

  • Use freelance accountants

There are many freelance accountants that you can use whenever you need some accounting done. This is applicable for a small business that needs help once in a while. If you choose to use this medium to find an accountant, make sure you work on a platform that will guarantee both your safety.

Important pointers to keep in mind

  • Interview several candidates

You shouldn’t just pick the first option you get. You need to interview several candidates to get a clear picture of who fits your business.During the discussion process, you are likely to bump into precious info that can help you understand your business better.


  • Always negotiate fees

There is no fixed method that accountants Melbourne use to charge their clients. It’s all about settling on a value, and this provides a chance to negotiate. Some people can expect to be paid at the end of the day or week while others will expect to get a portion of your turnover. Whichever the method used, learn to save by negotiating the price.


Lastly, trust is an important element to look for. You will be trusting the accountant with the company’s secrets, as such, he/she needs to be credible. Visit blog: accountantmelbourneco.com.au