How Do You Price A Landscaping Job

How Do You Price A Landscaping Job

As homeowners across the globe are settling into their home life and looking for innovative ways to earn income, many who are avid lovers of caring for plant life and intricate design are turning towards the landscaping business as a valid opportunity.

As such, there are a couple of things you should familiarize yourself with first before venturing forth into the journey of traversing the landscaping business. Chief among the important and trivial matters you have to address in running a landscaping business and offering your skills to countless clients is the price of which you offer your service.

Guesstimating a price

Yes, you’re going to have to determine the price of which you offer your service. Setting a price will mean setting a standard that you and your client will agree upon in exchange for you doing your job.

If you fail to price your service right, there will be varying effects, all equally undesired. If you set your price too high, you will most likely be putting off plenty of potential clients who will be looking towards other businesses offering a cheaper price. If you price your service too low, you may end up not making a profit despite winning over plenty of customers.

You’re essentially running a thin line between winning over your clients at a fair price, as well as offering a good enough price to turn up a profit.

Pricing by the hour

One way you can determine your service is by pricing by the hour. This would imply that you charge the client for however long you think the job will take, or how long the job took to accomplish. The advantage of pricing this way is that it’s a decent and steady way to measure the difficulty of a task, as harder jobs that take longer will of course be priced more expensively. The disadvantage to this, of course, is that the time it takes to complete a job isn’t the only nor the best way to measure its difficulty.

Pricing by standard rates

If the previous option doesn’t sound appealing to you, then you can try setting standard rates for specific tasks. This way, you can outline the jobs that you can offer more succinctly and set appropriate prices for each task. Additionally, you can set a price range for each task depending on the specificity of how difficult a task it is.

Ways to determine a price

One determined way you can guesstimate a price is by getting to know the price range of your competition. Look up the contact information for the local landscaping businesses in your area and ask for a quote for a particular job and work from there.

If you want to cross-reference it more, you can even employ help from your friends or family who have their own different landscaping needs and requirements. Get your friends and family to make the same calls but ask for a different requirement.