How Much Does It Cost to Repair HVAC

Estimated Costs for HVAC Repairs

HVAC repairs might cause us headaches when it caught us off-guard. This makes HVAC repair costs quite unexpected as well. Some might be wary of calling their HVAC contractors due to unforeseen prices that might only come when the technician already inspected the system. Here are some estimates to help give you an idea of how much repairing your HVAC system might cost.


The furnace is an important element of your HVAC system and it might breakdown and need the help of a professional. Homeowners spend about $297 for furnace repair. There are additional charges if something needs to be repaired or replaced specifically in your furnace. The cheapest would be the pressure sensor or circuit board which will be about $50, while the most expensive would be to replace the heat exchanger which will cost you about $500 to $1,200.

Cooling System

 Air-conditioners or other types of cooling systems might also need some repair or tune-up. People spend an average of $300 on air-conditioner repairs. The cheapest replacement for your air-conditioner would be the condensate drain tube which costs about $20, while the most expensive is to replace the condenser coil with a price that ranges from $1,900 to $2,900.

Heat Pump 

Your heat pump is also important and while you can do some inspection yourself, it might still require the help of an HVAC professional. Like the others, costs may vary depending on what component has to be repaired or replaced. Replacing air filters will only cost from $15 to $150, and it might cost $800 to $1,700 when doing large repairs like replacing ductwork or compressor.

Contractor Fees

Other than the expenses stated above, your contractor will also charge $100 to $150 per hour with a service call fee of $75 to $200. However, the emergency hourly rate will cost about $140 to $250. Diagnostics might also be an option for you if you are not sure of the problem with your HVAC system, which costs about $90. If your system only needs a tune-up, it only is about $100.

Flat- rate Charges

Flat rates are charged for small jobs that require significantly less work than others. This is charged by many HVAC contractors, and might save you money for the same rate will be charged even if it takes more time to do the work.

Inspection and Cleaning

When your HVAC system is finally repaired, you might need or want to have an inspection to make sure everything works; this will cost you from $50 to $120. To maintain the efficiency of your HVAC system, professionals recommend cleaning it every 2 to 5 years. This will cost you about $300 to $1000, or $35 per duct. Cleaning will make your HVAC system work effectively and will be energy efficient.

Taking care of your HVAC system is important to avoid more costs for repair, but it will always help to have an HVAC professional once in a while. Remember to not be afraid of unexpected costs because these estimates are here to help you!