How To Adjust Sprinkler Heads

How To Adjust Sprinkler Heads

A home irrigation system is a great way of automatically watering your garden, particularly the lawn area in your outdoors. You won’t have to manually use a hose to water the green area in your garden. It eliminates the hassle of going through a manual process of watering your plants daily. Therefore, it can save you a lot of time and energy. However, most homeowners are not comfortable using a home irrigation system as they do not have any idea how to operate and properly care for it. 

The home irrigation system seems complex for homeowners who use it for the first time. A sprinkler head is just a small part of the complex system, but understanding how to maneuver and adjust it is crucial for every homeowner. A properly adjusted sprinkler head ensures that the garden receives an equal amount of watering, and it prevents over spraying in one spot. Taking the time to learn how to adjust your water irrigation system at home is important. Good thing is that anyone can learn it in no time. It’s easier than you think.

In this article, we will cover the ways on how to adjust different types of sprinkler heads to achieve the right spraying process. Some sprinkler heads are very simple that you can adjust them with your bare hands, while some sprinkler heads that have clamps require you to use basic tools like a set of pliers or a flathead screwdrivers. 

Why It Is Important To Adjust The Sprinkler Head 

Adjusting the sprinkler head in your water irrigation system is very important to make sure that the system can properly deliver its function, which is to spray an equal amount of water in your lawn. Any garden or lawn will benefit from a properly adjusted sprinkler head because if the water is evenly distributed, the lawn will surely get the right nourishment and watering. Overwatering or underwatering the lawn is not advisable. If the sprinkler head is not adjusted properly, it may cause some areas of the lawn to store a pool of water and some areas to dry. 

Adjusting A Sprinkler Head Spray 

There are different types of sprinkler heads. Some of them are not adjustable, while some are designed to have a specific spraying pattern. You will know if it is an adjustable sprinkler head if it has a screw in the middle. 

In most sprinkler types, adjusting the head is a simple and straight forward task. Simply look for the screw in the center top of the spray nozzle. Tighten or loosen the adjustment screw by using a screwdriver. Usually, if the issue is over-spraying, you simply have to lessen the amount of water pressure by turning the screw clockwise. On the other hand, if the spraying pressure is low, turn the screw in the opposite direction. You can also adjust the screw to point in the direction of where you want to spray on your lawn. 

Adjusting A Hunter Robot Head 

To increase or decrease its arc and direction of the spray, you need to use a hunter adjustment key. 

If you want to increase the arc of your hunter rotor head, look for the adjustment socket at the top of each sprinkler head and insert the plastic key. Then turn the adjustment wrench clockwise in a 360-degree motion. Each turn increases your arc by 90 degrees. Do it until you reach the desired level of adjustment. You can turn the adjustment wrench up to a maximum of a 360-degree arc. At this level, you can no longer turn the wrench further. 

However, if you want to decrease the arc, just turn the adjustment wrench in a counter-clockwise direction. In every turn, the arc will decrease by 90 degrees until it reaches the minimum arc which is 50 to 40 degrees. This measurement may vary depending on the model of your sprinkler head. Decreasing your arc is important to prevent overwatering or spraying on areas like sidewalks, walkways, and other areas in your property where you don’t want to water. 

Adjusting A Signature Rotor Head 

If you have a signature rotor head, a different procedure is necessary to adjust the spray. This type of rotor has a unique system of click-set disk and memory rings to manage arcs and spray radius. Therefore, in order to access these parts, you have to remove the caps of each sprinkler head. 

To adjust the memory disk, simply use small plastic protrusions or collars to program a new spray point. If you want to increase the spray radius of the sprinkler head, just take off the black click-set disk and adjust the sprinkler manually according to your preference. From here, you can adjust its collars to the preferred angle. This is important if you want to make sure that you are not over spraying or spraying the restricted areas of your outdoor. 

But if your signature rotor sprinkler head is not giving you an even spray, you have to adjust the spray by just letting the black side of the click-set disk turn upwards and avoid adjusting any collars. This set up is great for sprinklers that are installed at the center of the garden or lawn as it can evenly water the entire area without reaching the walkways or sidewalks. 

After learning how to properly adjust your home irrigation system’s sprinkler head, your lawn can now have an even coverage of watering throughout the year while reducing the risks of over spraying or under spraying.