How to Repair A Window Air Conditioner


In a place where hot to mild climate is prevalent, having an air conditioner is one of the most effective and great ways to make your living environment cooler. A cooler home is a comfortable one, they say. And just like all of the other household equipment and appliances, air conditioners need repairs and maintenance to make it run smoothly.

As time goes by, repairs and maintenance will be a need for your air conditioner. And before calling for repair services, it’s not bad to try to do it on your own. As you do that, here are some tips on how to repair your air conditioner:

Most of the problems air conditioners have been categorized under two symptoms: either it does not cool sufficiently, or it can’t be turned on.

Window AC Insufficient Cooling

Most of the air conditioners that are not cooling enough may just need to be recharged with refrigerant, but there are chances that it just needs to be cleaned. 

Cleaning your unit is an easy thing as the steps needed to do are indicated in your owner’s manual. But if you happen to misplace your manual and can’t find it.

Here are some steps to guide you on your cleaning:

1. Unplug the Unit

First, unplug your unit for your safety before carefully removing it from your window. But if you just intend to clean its filter, you should be able to remove its grille and filter without removing the unit from the window. If you want to remove it from the window completely, do so if it helps you to work more efficiently.

2. Remove the Grille

Remove the grille and filter after unscrewing the metal cover. Remember to be careful and not damage the coil’s fins. To do this much effectively, refer to your manual.

3. Wash the Filter

Wash the filter thoroughly and carefully. This usually resolves the problem. If cleaning it won’t work and seems like it needs replacement, you can easily find filters at your nearest stores or online.

4. Use a Vacuum

As you clean your coil’s fins, use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attached to it. Remove all of its dust and debris thoroughly. Remember to do it gently and carefully as it is sensitive and can be damaged easily.

5. Clean the Rest

As you are cleaning the filter and the coil, clean the rest of the unit with a damp rag. Remember to open all of its drains to allow water to drip away from the unit. Let it dry thoroughly and completely afterward.

6. Lubricate with Oil

Just like any other machine, your unit’s motors and bearings also need to be maintained with oil and lubricant. Lubricate your motor and bearings to make it run smoothly as ever.

7. Reinstall the Unit

After finishing the steps above, carefully reinstall the unit in the window. Make sure all of the screws and bearings removed are kept back in place.

Window AC Can’t Be Turned On

Most air conditioners run electricity and draw a lot of electrical power, which can lead to wearing out as time goes by and can eventually lead to complete failure. If your air conditioning unit doesn’t turn on at all, here are some tips on how to address this problem:

1. Make Sure it is Plugged In

Any appliances that need electricity to run needs to be plugged in before it runs. Plug it in and make sure that the switch is turned on. Try to put the thermostat to the “cool” setting and below room temperature to test it out.

2. Make Sure the Outlet Works

Use a voltage tester to see if the outlet is the faulty one. Any device won’t run if it is plugged into a faulty outlet. If it happens to be faulty, it is best to find an electrician to repair it for you.

3. Check the Indicator Light

Check the light. If it doesn’t go on, the circuit has possibly overloaded—check the panel or fuse box and reset the breaker or replace its fuse. If the light works, the switch is likely faulty. It can also be caused by a thermostat that doesn’t function or needs cleaning and repair.

4. Repair and Clean the Thermostat 

You can refer to your manual on how to repair your thermostat or find steps online. If repairing it doesn’t help, try buying a new one. Spending money for a brand new thermostat saves you more money in the long run.

If you’ve done all of the things mentioned above and your unit still doesn’t work, then it is the time to call for repair services. It is not bad to try something yourself, but it is still the best decision to let them handle these things because they are the ones who are expert and experienced.